park hyeong seop for atar f/w 2014, campaign

im feeling this a lil

Anonymous said: where are u from?

i live in korea


Anonymous said: great blog! who are you favourite designers out there right now?

i haven’t focused on designers in awhile i’m more into stylists/editors and photographers


Anonymous said: Hi. I love your blog :) I was wondering how did you become a fashion editor and what do you actually do? Also, how old are you? Thanks! xoxo

as far as my job, i made an online portfolio (which also helped showcase my html/computer skills) and put up some of my digital edits i worked throughout the years. then luckily i found out about atar (the menswear label i work for) around the same time and i honestly just submitted a cover letter and referenced my portfolio (since it was online, they could access it).

atar, at the time, was brand new and so they needed an editor. basically i got really lucky, considering my lack of professional experience. i do a lot of work and spend a lot of time and energy. i love my job at atar and still can’t believe i’m there, but it’s a lot of effort and work - sometimes i’m there 7 days a week, almost 12 hr days.

and ask my age off anon :)


andrej pejic at raf simons s/s 2011

giuliano fujiwara f/w 2012

raf simons f/w 2010