Juun.J F/W 2012

SIX LEE by Ernesto Artillo
friends old blazer
philip lim shorts
dr martens, nike sirosis:

dazed & confuzed january 2011, raf’s armyphotography by pierre debusscherestyling by robbie spencer 
atar s/s 2014, lookbook blindness s/s 2014, backstage porn x juun.j

sorry i haven’t been updating recently (except my personal, which i’m on 24/7). but i quit my job recently so i’ve kind of had to manage my life differently, but it’s become really important to me that i live and work in korea as a fashion editor, instead of pursuing an academic career (nothing against academia). so i’ve been working on my online portfolio and doing a lot of digital editing work, which is kind of new but fun. and i finally have a ~good~ interview next week with a really cool up and coming korean based label so that’s pretty awesome and actually it’s really fucking awesome, so i’m excited about that.